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Christ-CENTRED Community


Loyola Senior High School is a community centred on the person of Jesus Christ.  All are valued, since we are made in the image and likeness of God.  In our community:

  • we recognise the uniqueness and dignity of the individual, our most immediate encounter with the person of Jesus.
  • we take Jesus as our model of a life spent in service, inspiring our students to be men and women for others, working for the greater good of all; we take Jesus as a model of compassion, forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • we nurture the full human development of the individual person, through our commitment to pastoral care and through engendering a sense of hope in every person for a better future.
  • we form a community, one body of many parts, which is centred on others, is safe and peaceful, secure, co-operative and hope-filled.
  • we welcome diversity in culture, tradition and talent, and celebrate the richness each person brings to the whole community.
  • we know and value one another, standing with one another in the reality of our lives.


Where do I find Christ?
When am I Christ-like?
St Ignatius: Is our love expressed in deeds, rather than words?


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