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Loyola strives for the freedom of a liberal education of Christian humanism, engaging and nurturing the whole person. Given this, students participate in co-curricular activities emphasising art and music (which develop the imagination and aesthetic sense), public speaking, debating and drama (cultivating eloquence and confidence), Faith Serving Others (learning leadership through generous service), and sport (for individual discipline and a strong sense of belonging).

Loyola also has a strong Social Justice Group.  This group is established to promote reflection and action on justice issues that face the Australian community and the Loyola community.  Branches of the group include Saint Vincent de Paul, Amnesty International and activities include Winter and Christmas Appeal and fundraising for various charitable works.

School Play/ Musical

Each year in December, Loyola Senior High School produces a school play or musical. Using the talents of Year 11 students, the play is rehearsed for two terms prior to performance.

In previous years performances have included Show Me That Song!, a home-grown musical about the life of some school students in Mt Druitt and Disputed Territories, concerning the women who followed Christ and modern terrorism.

The performances are put on in the Performing Arts Centre, named after Miguel Pro SJ.

Students from Advanced English classes also participate each year in the Globe Festival Schools Shakespeare competition, held in the first half of each year.

Creative Arts Night

The faculty of the Technical and Creative Arts showcase their works annually at the school to the general public. This is held in the Miguel Pro SJ Performing Arts Centre.

The night involves a presentation of:

  • Visual Art Works
  • Sculptures
  • Woodwork/Metalwork
  • Musical Performance
  • Fashion Designs

The Food and Technology students provide catering.

The night provides a real opportunity to students. They experience creativity and pressure to complete works for exhibition purposes and to hear feedback not only from their peers and teachers but members of the public and local community as well.

Debating & Public Speaking

Jesuit history is filled with skillful speakers such as Robert Bellarmine SJ and Edmond Campion SJ, who used their gifts to promote the Christian faith and give a voice to the marginalised. We carry on this proud tradition through a strong emphasis on public speaking and debating.

Loyola Senior High School offers students the ability to participate in a range of carnivals and competitions including:

  • Catholic Schools’ Debating Association Public Speaking Competition
  • Commonwealth Bank Cup Debating Competition
  • Jesuit Schools’ Debating Carnival

Through their involvement in the oratory arts, students have the opportunity to work with their peers and staff to develop skills in effective communication that they can utilise, like the great Jesuit orators before them, for the service of others.

The Year 11 Award for Excellence in the Oratory Arts is called ‘The Bellarmino’. The award for Year 12 is called ‘The Brag’ after Edmund Campion SJ, who is one of the English martyrs.


At Loyola Senior High School, there are a number of opportunities for participation in sport. Many students choose to participate in the Thursday afternoon sporting PDSSSC competition even though they are able to go home early.

Students can also participate in the Diocesan carnivals in Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country.

We participate in the Arrive Alive Cup for Rugby League and have participated in several Rugby Union modified competitions.

Loyola Senior High School takes part in the prestigious interstate Jesuit Schools competitions in the following areas:

  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Debating.

Science Club

The Science Club provides a venue for Year 11 and Year 12 Science students to

  • do enrichment or remedial activities in relation to their science courses under the supervision of a school teacher
  • give or receive coaching and/or tutorials in science
  • conduct relevant science researches, projects and experiments
  • solve/answer science exercises, problems and HSC exam style questions
  • experience the joy of learning and discovery as they share their talents with one another

To become a member of this club, a student must attend the club meetings and commit to a concrete program of activities after meeting individually with the Science Club Co-ordinator.

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