Bring Your Own Laptop

Loyola Senior High School has a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) initiative to supplement learning with technology

BYOL refers to students bringing a personally-owned laptop to school for the purpose of learning. A personally-owned laptop is any laptop brought into the school and is owned by a student or the student's family.

There are different models of BYOL. Loyola Senior High School has chosen a BYOL model that will meet the needs of most families. Loyola Senior High School students may choose to bring and use their own laptop. The laptop must be able to connect to the school WiFi.

Loyola Senior High School recognises the need to prepare our students for a rapidly-changing world, where technology plays large role in our personal, social and professional lives. Many students have access to electronic devices that can be used to enhance their learning. BYOL enables students to bring these devices to school and use them in the classroom.

The following provides general information on how the school will implement the program. This information can be compiled into a handbook by clicking on 'PDF' above.

General Information

In the BYOL program, students must:

  • sign the BYOL Student Agreement with their parent/carer before bringing their devices to school
  • ensure their devices are safe and secure at all times
  • keep their devices safe using carry cases, screen guards, etc
  • use devices according to school and CEDP (Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta)

While students and their families are free to choose a device that best suits them, according to the school's BYOL specifications, the devices below work well within a school environment:

  • Windows 7, 8 & 10 laptops
  • Apple Macbook
  • Google Chromebook

Internet access on the device will be filtered whilst on the school network. Students shall comply with the diocese and school policies concerning the use of BYOLs at school, and while connected to the CEDP network.

The Loyola ICT Staff are not permitted to repair any BYOD iPad. However, they are able to assist students in connecting to the school wi-fi network or with any login problems or accessing any software resources provisioned by the school for use by students. They can also assist by helping the students determine whether the device needs to be repaired through the warranty. If a device that has no warranty needs repair, they can supply a list of repairers who will be able to fix it, however no recommendations can be made. BYOL devices are the responsibility of the student to manage and facilitate their own learning.

Web-based applications such as Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and Learning @ Loyola Portal (Moodle) are used for teaching and learning purposes at Loyola Senior High School. Students will generally utilise these web-based applications within their classrooms. In the rare event that additional software is required for a particular KLA (Key Learning Area), this will be included as part of the students school fees.

Students are responsible for the care of their device while at school, as their device is their personal property. We encourage parents check their level of cover with their insurance companies. While some contents insurance packages automatically include devices away from home, others require additional cover. Parents will have the option of purchasing insurance with the device from our preferred supplier and can negotiate with retailers.

For further information concerning the 'Bring Your Own Laptop' Program, contact either:

Mr Ben Deak
Learning Technologies Support Teacher
p 9832 4455

Mr Luke Dela Cruz/ Michael McCabe
ICT Technical Support Officers
p 9835 4455


The purchase of a device is a major decision and a significant expense.

A good quality device may last for about 4 years and will last the student for the duration of their time at Loyola, as well as beyond, if the student decides to go to University, TAFE or continue to use it as their own personal device.

The weight of a personal device should be considered if your son/daughter has to travel long distances to school, however this would be comparable to a bag containing text books and work books.

Loyola staff are under no obligation to provide any technical support on either hardware or software.

Long-term care and support of BYOLs:

  • Responsibility: Students are solely responsible for repair and maintenance of their own device. It is not the school's responsibility.

  • Warranties: Students should understand the limitations of the manufacturer's warranty on their BYO devices, both in duration and in coverage. Under Australian consumer legislation, warranties usually last for one year, during which any manufacturing defects will be repaired or the device will be replaced (as per the specific terms and conditions of the manufacturer).

  • Extended Warranties: At the time of purchase, students may also purchase an optional extended warranty (past the standard warranty period) from the supplier/manufacturer of their device, during which any manufacturing defects that may occur will also be repaired.

If you are concerned the device is going to be broken, lost or stolen, you may wish to consider specific accidental loss and breakage for the device. You may also consider using a device locator service. These services include 'Prey' for Windows or 'LoJack for Laptops'.