Uniform & Grooming

Not all schools have a uniform. When Loyola came into existence, the first students and the parent body decided that they wanted a uniform to identify them as being distinctive and clearly a part of the new Loyola community.

The wearing of the uniform then is a symbol of belonging to a community that is bigger than the individual.

Worn neatly, the uniform reflects a pride in the community to which we belong, and is a mark of courtesy and respect to others with whom we come in contact. Worn shabbily, it diminishes the pride we have in our community and can be disrespectful to others. In uniform, each student is an ambassador for our school. It is expected that students and parents will assist the school staff in ensuring that the uniform is worn correctly, to the benefit and esteem of the whole community.

Loyola Senior High School Uniform

  • School tartan skirt
  • School short sleeve, over blouse
  • School red jumper
  • White socks or black tights
  • School blazer (compulsory Terms 2 & 3)
  • School scarf (optional in Terms 2 & 3)
  • Black gloves (optional in Terms 2 & 3)
  • Optional plain black hat
  • School long mid-grey serge trousers
  • School white shirt with crest
  • School red jumper
  • Standard dark socks
  • School blazer (compulsory Terms 2 & 3)
  • School tie (compulsory Terms 2 & 3)
  • School scarf (optional in Terms 2 & 3)
  • Black gloves (optional in Terms 2 & 3)
  • Optional school cap


  • Polished black school shoes
  • Sleepers or small studs may be worn, one in the lobe of each year
  • Excessive jewellery is not permitted
  • No facial piercings, plastic or otherwise
  • Excessive make-up and coloured nail polish are not permitted
  • Hair must be clean, tidy and of natural colour, and in a conventional style
  • Optional Year 12 commemorative and representative jackets, on days to be advised.
Any variation to the uniform is at the discretion of the school Principal


  • Black school trousers
  • Black TTC shirt (compulsory for all formal occasions, including Masses/liturgies)
  • Black leather school shoes
  • Black socks
  • Black TTC jacket (Winter)
  • TTC polo shirt (optional)
  • Black TTC jumper (optional)
  • Black TTC Trade jacket (optional)
Note: Specific trade uniform will be required and is compulsory for all practical learning

Most items of the school uniform will be available only from the school Uniform Shop at Loyola.

The uniform shop is open at Loyola each week of the school term, on a Wednesday. The hours of the uniform shop are 8.00am – 1.00pm Wednesday.

On formal occasions, female students are to wear the School blazer, skirt, shirt and opaque black tights, and male students are to wear the School blazer, long trousers, shirt and tie.

Correct school uniform is to be worn travelling to and from school, while at school, and at any formal occasion designated by the Principal.

Students are expected to keep their hair clean, neat and tidy at all times. Students are to keep their hair off the face and out of their eyes. Boys are to be cleanly shaven. Long hair should be tied back by red, yellow or black ribbon. Also, hair accessories are to be worn in the school colours.

There are to be no extremes of fashion, in hairstyle, cut or colour. The school reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of a student's hairstyle.

Excessive make up and nail polish are not part of the school uniform.

The black school cap is the only headwear allowed.

A plain black scarf, or the school scarf purchased from the uniform shop, are the only scarves allowed.

In the interest of safety and security, no inappropriate jewellery is to be worn. Jewellery is to be kept to a minimum. A watch and a small ring are permitted. A plain gold or silver chain with a religious medal may be worn under the collar. One pair of sleepers or small studs may be worn, one in the lobe of each ear.

Body studs and facial piercings are not permitted. No other jewellery is permitted.