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Nicholas Owen Program

  • Do you want the experience of a Senior Campus while studying for an apprenticeship or traineeship?
  • Do you want to gain nationally recognised credentials that will reduce your course time at TAFE?
  • Do you want to complete Year 11 and leave with your Board of Studies Preliminary Record of Achievement and finish 13 units of study? Are you interested in extended work placement that contributes to both your national industry credentials and your Board of Studies results?

If you answered YES to any of the questions the Nicholas Owen Program may be for you.

What is the Nicholas Owen SJ Program?

The Nicholas Owen SJ Program is a new initiative of Loyola Senior High School that provides selected Year 11 students with the experience of studying at a senior school while they prepare for entry into an apprenticeship, traineeship or employment.  Students are enrolled at Loyola for Year 11 and spend the year preparing for work and training for the following year.

The Nicholas Owen SJ Program is intended for students who, in the first instance, don’t wish to undertake the demands of Year 12 study but feel they need to obtain additional skills and training before commencing their search for employment or an apprenticeship.  However, progression to Year 12 and the HSC is possible if this pathway is deemed to be in the student’s best interests. 

How many places are there in the Nicholas Owen SJ Program?

The Nicholas Owen SJ Program intake is restricted to a limited number. Successful participants will have shown in Year 10 a willingness to work hard and make a positive contribution to their school.  Selection of the participants will be made only after consideration of Year 10 reports and School Certificate results.

What subjects will the Loyola Nicholas Owen SJ Program students undertake?

All Nicholas Owen SJ Program students will study a Core and an Elective Strand.

The Core Strand consists of the following Year 11 Board of Studies Preliminary Subjects - Standard English, Sport Lifestyle & Recreation, General Mathematics, Work Studies and Catholic Studies.

The two elective strands to be offered are:

  • the Construction Strand and
  • the Business Services Strand.

Both strands consist of the equivalent of 4 Units of Board of Studies Construction or Business Services. Both strands provide students with nationally recognised industry training that will greatly assist them in their attempts to find employment or secure a place in TAFE.

What about work placement?

The program involves students in an extended work-placement 8 weeks. It is hoped that at the end of this work-placement students will be offered employment or the prospect of additional training.

Further Information

For any more information on the accelerated work/TAFE program for Year 11 students contact the school.

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