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Parent Involvement

Building Child Safe Communities‚Äč

Building Child Safe Communities is an initiative developed by Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta, that enhances our commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students. See the Building Child Safe Communities website for more information about volunteering at Loyola Senior High School.

Building Child Safe Communities

Getting Involved

Parents assist in some of the co-curricular activities in the school, and assist in supervising special provisions during examinations. 

The school works closely with parents on issues of teaching and learning, through hosting information nights, conducting parent/ teacher/ student interviews formally and informally, and consulting parents with surveys on relevant issues affecting the school community.

The school also works closely with parents on maintaining high levels of student attendance. Parents are contacted regularly by phone for unexplained absences, and daily absences are notified via SMS message to parent’s mobiles. The counsellor, chaplain and Principal visit homes throughout a given year.

Loyola Senior High School Newsletter – 'Company'

This is published 3 times per term and contains information that we consider to be of importance and interest to parents. The 'Company' is available to view on our website and through our Skoolbag app and archives can be found on our Newsletters page.

Adult Education/Faith Development

In order to maximise the use of the schools' facilities, it is anticipated that there would be a number of opportunities offered throughout the year in the areas of Adult Education and Faith Development.

Issues to be addressed would include: aspects of the HSC and your child; helping your child develop study habits and patterns; adolescent psychology and spirituality; moral and ethical issues; aspects of social justice; networking with organisations in the Mount Druitt region.


It may be that parents with expertise and time available will be able to assist our students with specialist tutoring, remedial tuition, employment preparation, job-seeking skills, sports coaching. Parents involved in coaching or tutoring at Loyola will be required to undertake mandatory child protection screening.


A number of fundraising ventures will be undertaken next year for which parents' assistance and support will be invited.

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