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The Loyola Graduate

“Our ideal is the well rounded person who is intellectually competent, open to growth, religious, loving and committed to doing justice in generous service to the people of God,” 

Fr Peter-Hans Kolvenbach SJ, Superior-General of the Society of Jesus, The Characteristics of Jesuit Education, 1986

Graduates of Loyola Senior High School:

  • are generous and large-hearted
  • exercise imagination
  • strive for the magis, ‘the more’, ’the greater good’
  • accept excellence as an ideal
  • foster all their talents, and the development of the whole person
  • reflect on their actions and learn from them
  • possess a faith that is practical, translating into service of others
  • seek to be just to all
  • have enquiring minds
  • build community
  • develop competence in their work
  • seek to be compassionate
  • inform their conscience so as to act with integrity
  • have reverence and love for the person of Jesus
  • seek and find God in all things.

Valete Night

The word ‘valete’ means ‘farewell: may things go well for you’. This is our hope and prayer as families, College staff, and special guests gather to farewell our graduating Year 12 class.

The evening holds special memories for all attending and participating. For some, it is the sense of community among the students. For others, it is the sense of hope and promise, together with a touch of nostalgia the evening inspires.

It is during the Valete celebrations that the school community acknowledges the generous contributions made by the graduating class, as well as their efforts and achievements made in their studies.

Our hope for all students as they depart Loyola is that they may they leave us with a deeper sense of what it means to be ‘a person for others’.

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