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Whole Person Formation


We recognise ‘excellence’ as the achievement of one's full potential in the service of others.

The graduate of Loyola Senior High School will be a person of competence, conscience and compassion:

  • competence embraces a broad spectrum of abilities — academic proficiency (including the ability to reason reflectively, logically and critically), technological and vocational skills, an appreciation of creative arts, sport and leisure and effective communication skills.
  • a person of conscience discerns what is right, good and true and has the courage to do it, takes a stand when necessary, has a passion for social justice and is an influential leader in their community. Such a person is a person of integrity.
  • a compassionate person responds to those who are in greatest need who walks with others to empower them, in solidarity and empathy.
  • this formation incorporates ongoing experience, reflection and action.

The ultimate aim of this formation is to assist students in matching their talents and strengths with their hopes and dreams, knowing that it is this integration to which God calls them.

What do I have to offer?
What am I called to do?
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